About the Journal

Aims and Scope--

International Journal of PharmATA (IJP-ATA) is a peer-reviewed open access journal for original research articles, review articles and short communications related to all aspects of pharmaceutical studies.  IJP-ATA was launched in 2021, and published 4 time a year by Atatürk University.

Current areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

Pharmaceutical Analysis of Complex System,

Quality Control and Methods of Biotech Drugs,

Action Mechanism and Their Metabolisms in Body,

Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis in the Drug Screening Process,

Molecular Pharmacology,



Pharmaceutical Botany,

Pharmaceutical Technology Studies,

Clinical Laboratory and Bioanalysis

The Pharmacological Studies,

The Toxicologic Studies,

Analytical Chemistry Techniques and Methods,

New Biochemistry Methods for Pharmaceutical Analysis,

Rapid Screening Methods,

New Analytical Techniques and Methods,

Pharmaceutical Chemistry,

Synthesis and Analysis New Drug Molecules,

Others: Pharmaceutical solid materials (including biomaterials, polymers and nanoparticles)Biotechnology products (including genes, peptides, proteins and vaccines) Engineered cells.